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A supplement to Samuel Squire Sprigge's book about different kinds of publishing agreements, written by George Herbert Thring. Reprinted from The Author.

A full summary of the statutory rules relating to copyright in Australia, including forms to be used to register for copyright.

A gentlemen's club founded as a complement to the Society of Authors.

Initially located at St. James’ Place. Moved first to a location adjacent to the National Liberal Club (1893), then to Whitehall Court (1895).

A literary agency, assisting authors in placing manuscripts with publishers. Management was voluntary and unpaid, and there was a separate Council for the Syndicate. The Syndicate's services were, initially, only available to members of the Society.…

An account written by J. M. Lely defining the scope of the copyright bill (as drafted by the Society's Copyright Committee and presented by Lord Monkswell). Summarises the problems with the law and the remedies offered by the Bill.

Messrs. Field, Roscoe & Co. (1835–1969); solicitors acting on behalf of the Society of Authors.


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