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The Grievances Between Authors and Publishers (1887)
A report on the three conferences held in March 1887 on the maintenance of literary property, the profession of authorship, and dramatic rights and property.

Literature and the Pension List: An Investigation Conducted for the Committee of the Incorporated Society of Authors (1889)
An analysis of the annual Pension List, from the first Resolution of the House to 1889, by William Morris Colles. Reprints all of the official lists with the reasons assigned for awarding the pension and the amount.

The Society of French Authors (La Société Des Gens De Lettres): Its Foundation and its History (1889)
Written by Samuel Squire Sprigge, providing a history of the French Society of Authors (founded in 1829). Offers an overview of the legal and political standing of authorship in France, and the work of the Society in changing the landscape.

The Author (1890–present)
The periodical of the Society of Authors, published from May 1890 to the present. Initially published monthly, the periodical moved to ten issues a year from 1902 onwards, with vacant months in August and September.

The Methods of Publishing (1890)
Written by Samuel Squire Sprigge to support the demand of the Society, as made in the Annual Report of 1889, for "just treatment as prevails in all other branches of business". With chapters on literary property and different profit systems.

The Cost of Production (1891)
Provides an overview of the costs of producing a book, from composition and typesetting to printing, binding, moulding, stereotyping and advertising. The chapters focus on three-volume, two-volume and one-volume novels, travel and science books,…

Copyright Law Reform: An Exposition of Lord Monkswell's Copyright Bill (1891)
An account written by J. M. Lely defining the scope of the copyright bill (as drafted by the Society's Copyright Committee and presented by Lord Monkswell). Summarises the problems with the law and the remedies offered by the Bill.

The Society of Authors: A Record of Its Action from Its Foundation (1893)
A brief history of the Society from its foundation to 1892 by Walter Besant. Delivered as a lecture at the Annual Meeting of the Society, 17 December 1892.

The Contract of Publication in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Switzerland (1896)
A synopsis of publication in several European countries which follow the German Code of Commerce, written by Ernst Lunge.

Addenda to The Methods of Publishing (1898)
A supplement to Samuel Squire Sprigge's book about different kinds of publishing agreements, written by George Herbert Thring. Reprinted from The Author.

Report of the Committee of Management (1898)
The annual report of the Management Committee for 1898.

The Pen and the Book (1899)
A guide for young writers written by Walter Besant, including chapters on the cost of production, methods of publishing, copyright, and choosing publishers, literary agents and editors. Also includes a prospectus for the Society of Authors.
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