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By the time of the first general meeting on 18 February 1884, the Society of Authors had 14 Vice-Presidents and 68 members. Annual subscription was set at a guinea; life subscription was 10 guineas.

Initially, new members could join as Fellows, Members or Associates. Fellow status was abolished; not all Fellows paid for subscription and their position within the Society was thus unclear. Members had to have authored at least one full-length work (whether published or performed). Associates were aspiring writers who may not have had any work published.

By 1886, there were 153 members. This rose to 240 in 1888, 372 in 1889, 662 in 1891 and 870 in 1892 (Walter Besant, The Society of Authors: A Record of Its Action from Its Foundation, 1893). By 1912, there were over 2,000 members (Society of Authors Prospectus, 1912).

This collection currently includes over 200 prominent members of the Society.

Collection Items

À Beckett, Arthur William
Arthur William à Beckett (1844–1909); humorist and journalist.

Adams, Francis Ottiwell
Sir Francis O. Adams (1825–1889); diplomat.

Allon, Henry
Henry Allon (1818–1892); Non-Conformist minister and periodical editor.

Anderson, Robert
Sir Robert Anderson (1841–1918); spymaster, detective chief, and author.

Anson, William Reynell
Sir William Reynell Anson, third baronet (1843–1914); politician and college head.

Arnold, Edwin
Sir Edwin Arnold (1832–1904); poet and journalist.

Arnold, Matthew
Matthew Arnold (1822–1888); poet, writer and inspector of schools.

Austin, Alfred
Alfred Austin (1835–1913); poet.

Bailey, Philip James
Philip James Bailey (1816–1902); barrister, poet and author.

Balfour, Arthur James
Arthur James Balfour, first earl of Balfour (1848–1930); prime minister and philosopher.

Bantock, Granville Ransome
Sir Granville Ransome Bantock (1868–1946); composer.

Barrie, James Matthew
Sir J. M. Barrie, baronet (1860–1937); playwright and novelist.

Bateman, Alfred Edmund
Sir Alfred Edmund Bateman (1844–1929); statistician.

Bateman, Robert
Robert Bateman (1842–1922); painter, architect and horticultural designer.

Beddard, Frank Evers
F. E. Beddard (1858–1925); zoologist.

Bergne, John Henry Gibbs
Sir Henry Bergne (1842–1908); diplomatist.

Besant, Walter
Sir Walter Besant (1836–1901); writer and campaigner for authors' rights.

Besier, Rudolf Wilhelm
Rudolf Wilhelm Besier (1878–1942); dramatist and translator.

Birrell, Augustine
Augustine Birrell (1850–1933); politician and author.

Black, William
William Black (1841–1898); journalist and novelist.
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